• Steve O'Rourke

    Steve O'Rourke

    I still hate your favourite sports team, I'm just not paid for it anymore. There will be puns.

  • @Wil McDermott

    @Wil McDermott

    Playing music, doing some writing, teaching, dad stuff.

  • Lowri Mair

    Lowri Mair

    Ma'na lawar yn deud mod i'n ben galad- dw i'n benderfynol mod i ddim!

  • Julie S

    Julie S

    SF via Dublin. Edtech by day, new mum every other minute!

  • Bénédicte B Barrett

    Bénédicte B Barrett

  • Polly Hidalgo

    Polly Hidalgo

    Mom, wife. Co-Founder & CEO of the Hidalgo Family. Follow for recipes, quotes, books & fun!

  • emeraldjava


    Agile Java-Spring-PHP-developer, DevOps! experimentor and chasing a marathon while home brewing with family.

  • Karina Kynlee

    Karina Kynlee

    Google Home Customer Reviews Starting to Pop Up… https://bit.ly/32RNAku

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